Our Supreme Task

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About the Book: Our Supreme Task: How Winston Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech Defined the Cold War Alliance

Publisher: PublicAffairs

1945 was a chaotic year, both for the world, of course, and for Winston Churchill. Communism was on the march and the people of Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia and Poland all found them­selves in the grip of the Soviets. The Red Army occupied a large German territory, and the Kremlin was manipulating post-war food shortag­es, labor disputes and social unrest in Greece, France and Italy.

Winston Churchill, meanwhile, went from victory in Europe in May 1945 and brokering the peace with Truman and Stalin at Potsdam, to a crushing electoral defeat that left him out of office and contemplating the possible end of his political career. Eventually recovering from his loss and determined to contribute to lasting peace, 1946 Churchill made a trip to Fulton, Missouri to deliver a speech entitled “The Sinews of Peace”—now known as the Iron Curtain Speech — which served to fundamentally define the dangers of Soviet totalitarian Communism. This is the story of this pivotal speech, a portrait of the irrepressible man who delivered it and the improbable tale of the small town that gave itself as his venue.


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