Saturday, July 16, 2011

Winston Churchill on the EU

Churchill is misquoted and his quotes misrepresented (or presented completely out of context) more than any other historical figures. One topic area where his position is most widely misunderstood is European integration.

Yes, he did call for a "United States of Europe," which many Europhiles incorrectly see as justification for the EU as we know it today. However, we must look at WSC's motives behind such a proposition. First, he wished to check the spread of expansionist Communism, and knew the only way to do it was 1) a stronger "special relationship" between the British Commonwealth and the United States (as he called for at Fulton in March 1946) and 2) to rebuild Germany and reconcile her with France.

It's easy to see why Churchill's true views on Europe are hard to fathom, as he did not provide concrete plans on how European collaboration should take form. But, his most telling statement, to his aide Jock Colville in 1941, provides some clarity. Churchill told the young man that in a new European community: “while Britain might be the builder and Britain might live in the house, she would always preserve her liberty of choice and would be the natural, undisputed link with the Americas and the Commonwealth."

Unfortunately, we live in a time when Brussels is fast curtailing Britain's "liberty of choice." Perhaps Mr. Cameron's government should re-evaluate Churchill's words and use them as a launch pad to recapture the powers that have been ceded to the EU 'parliament." 


  1. Yes, I think Churchill would be far from impressed with the EU and its interference. Children shall not play conkers in school [crash helmets?]because of health and safety. Schools afraid to take pupils on trips in case something goes wrong and they get sued.At least they backed off about bananas all being the same length! I am not sure how many rules remain concerning the importation of ducks. It was, I believe, over thirty. I resign.

  2. EU Commission President, José Barroso, has called for a revival of Winston Churchill’s vision for a kind of ‘United States of Europe’. Nonsense, responded the eurosceptics. Churchill was ‘one of us’ and he would’ve voted UKIP! Who’s right? See my latest ‘EU ROPE’ blog: